An accomplished bluegrass musician,
Mark Schultz infuses jazz, country, folk and
klezmer resulting in his own original style.

Mark Schultz began playing banjo and guitar in the early 60’s during the folk era. He was drawn to the energy and authenticity of bluegrass and devoted himself to mastering the 5 string banjo. He still hopes to complete that mastery. Since that time he has played with too many bands to count, and has branched out into many other genres. His current mix of music includes klezmer, swing, folk, country, as well as more traditional bluegrass. He lives in Wayne with his beautiful wife Susie and performs with his current band, the Wayne Rangers.

Although occasionally distracted by the practice of law, he still performs regularly. Mr. Schultz is also a bar leader, prominent trial lawyer and law professor. He has a national litigation practice and is recognized as a leader in product liability and subrogation law.